Since our founding in 1999, the attorneys at Stone & Maya, P.C. have helped workers obtain the compensation benefits they deserve for their injuries.

At Deer, Stone & Maya, P.C., we know how traumatic it is to be injured on the job and be off work. Practical concerns involving missing your pay only complicate an already difficult time while your recovering from an injury. Our dedication to our clients is our first priority. It is not uncommon for employers and insurance companies to make it difficult for you to assert your claim for the benefits that you are entitled to after an accident. Having experienced, aggressive lawyers to fight on your behalf provides you with the representation you need during this difficult time. Remember that the insurance company represents your employer, not you.

It is important that you contact our office as soon as possible after your accident. There are specific rules and procedures which apply for you to preserve and be successful with your claim.

  • How did your injury occur?
  • When did your injury happen?
  • Did your injury happen as you were doing your job?

These factors help determine whether you have a valid claim for benefits. It is also important to tell us all of your interactions with your employer and the insurance company after you were injured.

Contact our office today for a free consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss your worker’s compensation case.