Stone & Maya, P.C. Supports Operation Restoring Innocence

Human trafficking is a criminal industry earning more revenue than Nike and Starbucks combined. On any given day, approximately 1,000 females in and around the City of Chicago are being trafficked and abused for profit. Commonly, these victims are girls under the age of 18. Operation Restoring Innocence is a Chicago based non-profit organization dedicated to finding trafficked women and returning them to safety.

Our firm has long been a proponent of this organization and the noble work it performs. The men and women of Restoring Innocence work tirelessly in their rescue efforts, often to their own detriment. On April 26th, Stone & Maya, P.C. were honored to attend the annual fundraising event for Restoring Innocence, along with former police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, community activist Andrew Holmes and County Commissioner Sean Morrison.

To learn more about human trafficking and support this organization, we encourage you to visit